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Presenting the "World App"


"World App" is based on this website's Places Section.

All the countries are arranged alphabetically. The countries are further divided into smaller places, such as Regions, Provinces or Subdivisions.

For all the divisions, we have made links to provide further information.

"World App" not only helps you learn about the countries and their administrative divisions, but it also gives you a digital tool that you can use in many ways.

Districts of India - Business Promotion App




How to use the app

1. Open "Districts of India - Business Promotion App".

2. Open a district's page by clicking on the district's icon.

3. After opening the district page, scroll down and click on the big blue Upload button.

4. There are two small buttons on the top left corner - Choose file & Upload file.

5. Choose a file from your phone storage then click upload file button.

6. The button shows "uploading" status. Go back when File uploaded successfully.

Your file appears on the district's page when you re-open the district page.



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